“Canned” Bugs – Part II

My quest for canned insects has continued. I came across another pet food brand, JarassiPet, that produces canned insects. The information states that “nutrients and moisture are locked in the can”. I went to the local pet food supplier to pick up a can. I couldn’t find any so I asked for help. They didn’t have JarassiPet in stock but I was referred to ZooMed’s products. The customer service person pointed out that ZooMed also has “natural juices locked in the can”. Also that they are not for human consumption. I could hear the insects rattling around (sounded dry) in the can and it is made in China but I got a Can O’ Grasshoppers anyway.

Can O’ Grasshoppers was very aromatic with caramel-like aromas being prominent. I stir fried them in hot oil before tasting. They were generally not edible as prepared. Extremely strong and unusual sweet flavor and the main texture component was the chitin shell, the insides were sort of shriveled up and dark in color.

This was not what I expected so I messaged ZooMed. What I learned is that they are processed by adding insects to the can (without water) and ‘roasting’ them in the can. They probably use a retort procedure that kills all of the bacteria and preserves the grasshoppers. The process creates the strong roasted notes that, apparently, turtles enjoy.

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