Beyond Cricket Flour

Cricket flour does have its virtues. Its shelf stable, easy to use and takes away the ick factor. But like any other food we eat, there are tons of different types of insects and and even more ways to prepare them.

The next step beyond cricket flour is frozen whole crickets. This will provide consumers with a bigger and blanker canvass for there culinary creations.

I have always thought canned crickets is a great ideaPhoto Aug 22, 11 22 16 PM.

The best cricket dish Ive had so far has been ‘popcorn crickets’. Lightly battered and deep fried, they had a crispy exoskeleton and mouth watering aroma similar to shrimp. This concept could be sold in the frozen food section of the grocery store next to chicken nuggets. And also distributed through food service for places like carnivals or other street food.

One of the more interesting concepts I have heard of is a fermented cricket sauce that is produced in a manner similar to fish sauce. The possibilities are endless.

What other insects are out there… Wax worms!

Wax worms taste really good. Re-fried beans traditionally use lard but wax worms work great instead. They have the same sort of fatty flavor to them.

Another insect is agave worms. In Sal De Gusano, roasted agave worms are used for their smokey flavor and savory taste. Use insects for their flavor as well as a source of nutrients.Photo Dec 06, 4 26 27 PM

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