Production Costs for 1 Bottle Of Cricket Worcestershire

Ive broken down the production cost into 3 parts – Food Ingredients, Packaging Costs and Overhead.

I have not executed yet so I might be off on my estimates. The overhead cost is modeled on producing 200 bottles using a commercial kitchen. Im overestimating the time is will take to produce 200 bottles which is really driving up the cost.

Packaging $ Per Bottle
Packaging – bottle 0.33
Packaging – cap/reducer/wrap 0.13
Packaging – label 0.25
Total Packaging Cost 0.71
Food Costs $/lb Usage Extended cost $/lb
Worcestershire Ingredients 2.00 50.0% 1.00
Cricket Broth 1.80 50.0% 0.90
Cricket Worcestershire 1.90
95% Yield 2.00
Labor/Overhead Staff # $/hr bottles/hr $/bottle
Facility Rental 100.00
Labor 2 30.00
Through put 50
Total Overhead Cost 2.60
Total Costs $/Per bottle (5 oz)
Cricket Worcestershire 0.63
Packaging Cost 0.71
Labor/overhead 2.60
Production cost per bottle 3.94

There are a few other costs that need to be taken account for. Im concerned with distribution costs. Who will fulfill orders via direct online sale and how much will it cost to do so?

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