Edible Insects Added to Import Prior List

The FDA has added ‘Edible Insects and Insect-Derived Foods’ as an industry on in the Product Code Builder used for importing food. It also includes 100s of different products ranging from chocolate covered crickets to whole may beetles to insect soup.

What is Import Prior

The FDA requires prior notification of any foods (and other FDA regulated items) being imported into the U.S. –  FDA Import Prior. Importers are required to complete a form that includes product details prior to shipping.

Insight on current thinking of the FDA

FDA acknowledgment of edible insect as food! The FDA controls the code list per conversation with FDA Imports (regulatory specialists). The FDA added all the 200+ products to the system. It lists not only familiar insect for American consumer such as crickets and meal worms but lists 100+ different species.

Example code for Sal de Cricket

I completed the tutorial for Sal de Cricket… If it was going to be made outside the U.S. and imported, the code would be ‘42 Q C H 99’.

product code builder edible insects fda prior import notice sal de cricket

Code Builder Link: https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/ora/pcb/index.cfm?action=main.pcb

Parent Link: https://www.fda.gov/Food/GuidanceRegulation/ImportsExports/Importing/ucm2006837.htm


Let me know if you have had success or challenges importing insect for food or feed. I am interested in hearing your story!

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