I’m Mark Nagy. Thanks for coming to my blog.

About The Blog

This blog is about some of the challenges that entrepreneurs and established company’s may face while developing edible insects products. Topics range from Farming, Regulations, Product Development and Business.

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About Me

I first heard about the food industry in high school chemistry class. My teacher passed out a pamphlet about a food science from the University of Delaware. Science, problem solving… and you get to taste food on the job! I decided that day to embark on a career in the food industry.

After receiving a food science degree from Rutgers, I set out learn as much about the food industry as possible. What I found is that our food system is hard on the environment, exploits animals, and the lacks nutrition.

My light bulb moment was while watching Survivor. In a classic food eating immunity challenge, contestants needed to eat 40 meal worms to move on. The host says that meal worms are eaten all of the time by the locals. At the time, availability of edible insects was very limited.

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  1. ameliazheng

    Hi Mark, really like your blog, lots of information and easy to read.
    How can I best get in touch with you? I have a couple of questions about the blog post “80+ Edible Insect Products”. I might have missed it but I didn’t see your email anywhere on the site.


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